Sofia, Bulgaria
1 Dobrudja Str., floor 5
phone: (+359) 895 634 688

Agency INK has been at this address for a short time now, but we are competent and experienced.
We have been working in this field for a long time.
We will
win you with the combination of accumulated skills and our aspiration to do things even much better.
We will help and consult you with the overall information we have available.
As we are fully aware with the consequences of an inaccurate or full of mistakes translation, we always exercise the needed check-up and hold consultations to avoid any such situations.
For us the word “deadline” is not meaningless, and the personal approach towards our clients puts our interrelations with them on a basis, passing beyond the limits of purely official business relations.

The Translators and Interpreters: although most of them commenced their work as translators and interpreters before the invasion of computers, they have firmly overcome the new state-of-the-art technology challenges.

The Editors: Our Editors take care of the stylistic and terminological adequacy of our translations they consist of university lecturers, collaborators in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and other narrow specialists. “Economical” and “Economic” does not mean the same for them.

The Proofreaders: our proofreaders strongly believe that the rules in a language are there to “rule”.

What unites us is the desire for a job well done.